Process: 25000 Sqm,700 employees NW Is Vertically integrated with a capacity of 20000 garments/ day

Work Place Environment :

NW provides employees a work environment high above the law-required level. The company installed and has updated lighting, ventilation and ergonomics of its plants using latest technologies. The goal is to exceed requirements of local legislation and reach the global standards.

Clearly marked emergency routes & exits, smoke & fire detectors, consciously designed working lay-outs ensure a safe workplace for workers. As per ISO requirements, instructions and warning signs are posted in highly visible places, inside the factory and in local language.

Moreover, usage of metal gloves of during fabric cutting, needle guarding, sewing and such similar procedures, reduces significantly work-related accidents in the factory. Besides being safe, NW workplace offers a congenial & supportive environment for all: managerial staff and employees work in mutual cooperation and respect.

Worker’s Welfare

Our values are the essence of the company’s identity, they are the basis for our culture and guide what we do

Safety & Integrity: NW carries out compliance as a continuous process, and exceeds local legislation to meet International safety requirements.
Its Compliance Management Team monitors and reviews the various activities performed throughout the organization. For the safety of its workers, NW has improved workplace conditions; set up noticeable warning signs in the local language; enforced the usage of safety equipment; and built awareness among the workforce. The work-place has clearly marked emergency exits and equipment.

Besides paying a healthy living wage – much higher than the legal minimum –NW supports its workers by ensuring that they are comfortable with the workplace. NW strongly opposes forced-labour, child-labour, racism, discrimination or exploitation of workers, and makes every possible effort to discourage such misconduct.

To achieve our goals and maintain the results:

• A dedicated compliance team specializing in factory audits. Our teams conducts pre-audits, supports the factory management to resolve non-compliant issues, and train staff at factory locations.

• Our team effectively interfaces with our customers and vendors to improve the overall level of compliance in factories.

Quality And Traceability

Real-time quality and production visibility Faster and more effective decision-making

QUALITY GUARANTEE SYSTEM From its inception, one of the main objectives of New wash has been to provide buyer’s satisfaction by offering quality products on time.

Through our planned infrastructure, competent management and perfected organizational collaboration, we aim to maintain our quality consciousness which, in turn, enables us to preserve our customer’s continued patronage.

Under the leadership of highly experienced quality manager, We are able to understand the most common style-wise defects and how to resolve them prior to production starts. Risk assessment procedures allow us to address quality more proactively.


To ensure such quality, our internal Quality Assurance Department , with a team of well-trained quality inspectors, operate independently of the production team. Our QAD is subjected to continuous training to meet the new developments in the industry, and works towards quality assurance using the most sophisticated and modern technology and techniques.
The pursuit of excellence has honed our QAD to the extent that our new RFID system can trace each single piece of apparel to persons who have individually stitched, checked or supervised the process, even after the manufacturing course has long been completed.

Lower defects percentage even by international standards and a dwindling number of customer concerns reinforce our belief in our quality guarantee system.

Quality and production performances are the responsibility of every individual that’s why NW embraced the concept of smart factories where digital and physical systems monitor the physical processes on the factory floor to bring greater visibility, transparency and speed to production quality.

The RFID system allows to achieve in real-time analytics and data-driven decisions which is the key to good supply chain management .

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