Sustainable and responsible business has always
been a top priority, which is expressed through
our sense of responsibility towards the community and the

As part of our drive to materialize a green workplace, NW has established a highly advanced Effluent Treatment Plant with a daily capacity of 800 metric tons , where by the water usage is drained and reused within the facility.

At our factory premises, we strive to establish and maintain the general practices of recycling and energy and water efficiency.

Moreover, at NW, we believe that our workforce is our biggest strength. In view of that, the provision of a safe and sound working environment whereby employees are respected as individuals trumps all other business practice.

Green and Responsible Being “green-minded”, NW believes that its success should not come at the expense of the environment. Through responsible acting and innovative thinking, it contributes to the prevention of pollution, energy-conservation and sustainable use of raw materials.

NW works arduously to minimize energy consumption and reduce green house gas emissions. NW only makes use of environment-friendly dyes and chemicals.


New Wash can calculate the environmental impact of our processes by inputting the quantity of water used and the chemicals and energy involved at every step of the production.

By doing so, we are able to know on a pragmatic and measurable scale, how GREEN our jeans are.

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